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support black artists. support queer artists. support femme artists. support young artists.

support nj fox

My mom likes to joke about me being a "broke artist".  Please help me prove to her that this can be sustained. 

I don't define "broke" as just financially poor. I see it as being without support - emotional, mental and physical.

The six methods of supporting me cover all of the ways I wish to feel support. If you truly feel moved by work and the messages I'm trying to get out in the world, you'll support artists. Because without community, we have nothing.



subscribe to my kofi and enjoy exclusive content, discounts on her online shop, and early access to concepts and ideas!



help put food directly on my table and good equipment and materials in my hands by donating funds to my cashapp! as an artist, a lot of the work i do is without pay and donating helps keep my mind on my art and less on wondering how i'll survive.  



don't want to leave this site? no worries, subscribing is also a really easy but meaningful way to show your support. get emails for new work, performances, and more!

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